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Our Mascot

As you may have noticed, our mascot picture isn't of a wild bobcat, but is actually of "Bob" the cat!

Bob, the cat was a house cat that lived for over 10 years at Leona Valley School from the early 1980's through the early 1990's. He had a wonderful life of privilege and received tender care from faculty and students. The students enjoyed seeing him wandering through their classrooms throughout the day and on the lawn at lunch time. During assemblies and special programs, he would sit on the piano while Mrs. Rayburn, the Kindergarten teacher at the time, would play beautiful music. Sometimes he would sit calmly on the makeshift stage in the middle room of the old building and keep on eye on everyone. He was well fed by the staff all year round. He even had his photo taken by a professional photographer! Often during summer break, families would bring him home and take care of him, worried that he may get lonely. But he would always slip away after a few days and go back to school, waiting for the students to return in the fall. One year, he didn't return after summer break. Everyone kept looking for him, and some would say they thought they saw him one place or another, but he was never seen again. However, Bob will live on in our hearts forever!